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Champions That Will Live Forever In Our Hearts And Through Their Foals.

Our Special Friend Chaparral's Queen Bee (1979 - 2004)

Chaparral Stud Farm's most distinguished mare was Chaparral's Queen Bee.

(Supreme Champion Chaparral's Centurion X Grand Champion Seamair Queen Bee)

Foaled in 1979 she initiated a 5th generation Chaparral bloodline.

Fortunately when Queen Bee was offered for sale as a four year old she didn't sell. This twist of fate afforded us the opportunity to enjoy her brief show career which resulted in three Champion and three Grand Champion titles as a yearling and two year old. When an injury forced her from the show ring we were then able to marvel at her performances in an arena she had, no doubt, been created for. Over the next 20 plus years Queen Bee was a Supreme Champion mother bringing life to seven foals who in turn created 33 grand foals, 19 great grand foals and four great, great grand foals - a total of 63 direct descendents. What follows are a few brief glimpses of her life and the lives of some of her offspring.

Of her seven foals (four colts and three fillies) two, Chaparral's Te' Quiero and Chaparral's Quintessence, are Supreme Champions. Her Grand Champions are Chaparral's Priceless, Chaparral's Queen Anne's Lace and Chaparral's Crystal. Unfortunately Chaparral's Don Quixote is M.I.A. (see details below). Her most recent foal, a filly named Chaparral's Q Te' Pie/renamed Chaparral's Queen Too Bee, took second place the first time shown.

Crystal, Queenie's first foal, was sired by Grand Champion Talybont Little Joe and born in 1983. Little Joe was a mighty black roan sporting a gorgeous head, eye and trot with a unique acquisition story that deserves re-telling at another time. His breeder was Bonnie Parker of Idaho and he was owned and shown by Debbie Loomis until his death at age 38. Crystal inherited her parents gorgeous looks and incredible trot and was trained by Suzan Stevens.

On hearing of Queen Bee's passing Carol Maurer wrote:
"Queen Bee's first filly, Chaparal's Crystal, was sold to the Maurer family as their first Welsh pony and the foundation of their herd. She had an enormously successful show career for Ben and Darci Maurer before retiring. Crystal excelled in harness and under saddle in Western and English, ridden primarily saddle seat, but also able to switch styles and be competitive with the hunters. As a broodmare, Crystal has produced six purebed foals by four Section A stallions. All of her foals have outstanding minds and do well in performance and halter. Her first foal, Chaparral's Sacre Bleu by Chaparral's Blue Print, shows in CDE competition. Her most notable daughter, Gaslight Chwyrlwynt by *Ceulan Lwcus completed the first leg of a Dam LOM in her first year of showing and earned her individual LOM and her AOE."

Sidebar on Gaslight Chwyrlwynt "Wendy" by current owner Dr. Carrie MacWhorter:
"Wendy is a double registered Welsh Pony/ Quarter Pony 5 year old Mare Bred by Gaslight Farms of Yorba Linda. In addition to winning the I triple E All Around Quarter Pony Award in 2000, 2001 and 2002 she has won Multiple Halter and performance Championships in the Welsh Arena. Wendy earned her LOM and her AOE as well as starting her dam's LOM. Crystal would have won the individual LOM herself but the cut off dates were after her fantastic career with several National, State, local and AHSA awards year after year. Wendy will be bred this spring for a foal of her own."

More on Crystal from Carol Maurer:
"Her only half Welsh foal, Crystal Reign, was sired by the top-winning Arabian stallion Reign On and currently is showing on the Arabian "A" circuit in hunters. The Maurers named her 2003 filly Gaslight Carnival Queen in recognition of her granddam, and will be retained to perpetuate her line."

Crystal's two other foals are Gaslight Carismadig by Asgard Sultan of Swing currently owned and trained by Tiffany Bennett and Gaslight Chiwbaca, a gelding now deceased. The Maurer's named Crystal's 8th foal born in 2006 Gaslight Cinderella.

A Queen Bee grandson, Gaslight Hurricane "Freddy" owned by Kristin Yeager of Utah has sired 17 purebred and one crossbred foal.

Kristen Yeager is expecting 3 more foals in 2004 and comments:
"I am so very sorry for your loss of Chaparral's Queen Bee. What a lovely little mare! I feel very honored to have one of her descendants. We absolutely adore Gaslight Hurricane, or Freddie, as he is affectionately called. He is an absolutely adorable little stallion. We love him very much. I have a few photos of him on the computer that I will forward to you from last year when he was started under cart. The gal that started him for me, loved him, and said how easy he was to work with. He is just a fun little person. As far as offspring, I will try to list them for you although my records could be better. The colors he has produced are black, grey, Ch. roan and chestnut. We have bred a number of outside mares, A few Welsh and some other breeds. I do not have records on the outcome of all of these. I do know that a POA mare we bred, that had no color herself, she was white, had an Appaloosa foal. Freddie has been shown at halter, mostly locally and has several Grand and Reserve Championships at halter. Update: 2005 - We sold Hurricane to a lady name Jessica Campbell from Layton, UT. We miss him very much. She also bought 2 mares from me to breed to him. Jessica reports that Hurricane will have two or three foals in 2007. Here is a list of the foals the Yeagers have bred:

Edens Little Prince - gelding - Ch roan sold

Edens Licorice - gelding - black sold

Edens Evyn - gelding - Ch roan sold

Edens Marvelous Marcus - gelding - chestnut sold

Edens Another Romero - gelding - black sold

Edens Isabelle - mare - chestnut sold to Tamara Holdaway

Edens Thedore - gelding - chestnut sold

Edens Thumbelina - mare - chestnut - she is in Arizona - child pony under saddle

Edens Blue Eclispe - gelding - blk roan - 2 yr old he still resides with us

Edens Flashlight - gelding - 4 yr old he still resides with us

Edens Symphony - mare- Ch roan - she still resides with us

Edens Riff Raff - stallion - black - deceased (he was so beautiful and had just gotten Res Gr Champion as a 2 yr old at the Colo. show when he came down with a respiratory virus and died suddenly right after the show)

Bar N Sweet William - stallion - grey - owned by Larry & Evelyn Neeves, in Idaho he is lovely.
(Note: more on Sweet William follows below.)

Bar N Sweet William update: Dennis and Shelley Spaulding recently informed us that they purchased Sweet William to be used at their farm for breeding.

I also have a little mare that is a grand daughter of Gaslight Hurricane "Freddie", Edens Raffia, a darling little grey filly by the little black stallion, Edens Riff Raff, that we so unfortunately lost. In 2005, we sold Raffia to Jay Stuart in Brigham City, Ut. who drives her. We were expecting 2 Freddie foals spring 2004 out of Farnley Rima & Lianna Trinket, which we were really looking forward to. One mare foaled and the other didn't. Unfortunately none of his offspring have really been shown, that I know of, since we don't have anything locally available for them. I do have a few nice photos, that I could send if you would be interested. I'm not very good on the computer and don't know how to put them on. Not only is Freddie a lovely little animal, but he has the disposition to match. He lived together with our other stallion, Edens Shooting Star, and they were best buds. Again, please accept our deepest sympathies for the loss of Queen Bee, she was a credit to her breed and to her breeder!"

I should add that Taranfolk Kitty Hawk, section C out of Glenhaven Welsh Liberty, is also by Gaslight Hurricane. Kitty Hawk was initially owned by Charlene Avila of Texas and then owned by Nicole Bell of Crestone Welsh Ponies of Longmont, Colorado and is now in the care of Ann Warren of Loveland City, Colorado.

Ann states:
"Nicole forwarded your message to me. We recently purchased Kitty. What a sweet girl. I am so sorry to hear about her grand dam. Kitty was bred to Nicole's "Dony", and foaled a filly in May named Crestone Marrekesh now owned by Zoe Thorbergson of Canada. I will attempt to send a picture of her. Let me know if it comes across ok. We are planning on using Kitty in our program. We raise Arabians, and now Welsh Ponies. We teach children, through the Loveland City - Parks and Rec Dept., Responsible Horsemanship, and know that Kitty and our other little Welsh Ponies will be an asset to our program. Keep in touch. Be Blessed. Ann Warren"

Additional information on Bar N Sweet William from Larry & Evelyn Neves of Idaho:
"He has been used on our two grey welsh mares as follows

Edens Hot Flash

1- Bar-N Flash Dancer, gelding sold to a man in Tetonia Idaho who passed away the whereabouts of the gelding are now unknown- he was a chestnut bay with four stockings and a blaze.

2- Bar-N Baron 2003- a dark grey sold to a man in Willard Utah, who has since sold him- unknown

Edens Guardian Angel

1- Bar-N Pegasus- who has been gelded and is owned by one of my neighbors."

In 1986, a fantastic black / bay stallion who could move like the wind came to our attention. He had style, presence and athleticism whether in halter or driving. Queen Bee was booked to Edgehill Fair Santes Helper owned by Karen and Kathy MacLeay and they produced Supreme Champion Chaparral's Quintessence in 1987. Quintessence sired one filly, Grand Champion Chaparral's Cuvaison out of Chaparral's Courvoisier, before being gelded and sold to Gene and Jeanne Spaulding of Santa Barbara, California. Quincy is now deceased. Cuvaison is now in Nevada being used as a child's riding pony.

In 1988 Sherry Weide imported the beautiful black / bay Section B Royal Welsh Winner stallion *Broadlands Royal Regent. Queen Bee's resulting 1989 colt, Supreme Champion Chaparral's Te' Quiero (meaning I love you or I want you in Spanish) has won in halter, English and Western. Te' was trained originally by the above mentioned Dr. Carrie MacWhorter and later to cart by Caroline Whittle. He is trained by Diane Isaacson, owner and may compete in dressage in the near future. Te' Quiero is now retired.

To date Te' Quiero has produced 21 foals - 15 purebred and 7 crossbred. His foals are:

Dibble Ridge Don Juan (gelding) who has been Supreme Champion several times as stallion and gelding. He now free jumps and has in harness training while being ridden by the multi-faceted artist, actor, farrier and trainer Ben Bottoms who moved to Santa Rosa Island (part of the same chain as Southern California's famous Catalina Island). Ben started in Welsh nearly 30 years ago with Queen Bee's dam, Grand Champion Seamair Queen Bee. Don Juan, known as Jimmy after one half of his breeding team Jim and Melody Ashman of Utah, stay in California but misses Ben and his mule friend Dolores who moved to the island with Ben. Jimmy produced one three quarter Welsh foal before being gelded. Her name is Chaparral´┐Żs Strawberry Sunday and she's the spitting image of her sire. She's owned by Anna Wilman in Santa Barbara, California, is in being used with underpriviledged children. Jimmy sold in 2006 to Jenna Vandagriff of Simi Valley, California then to Ben & Sarah Bottoms of Los Oliivos, CA. Ben has continued showing Jimmy and is currently winning in Roadster.

Chaparral's Razzmatazz (filly) is a Section C mare who went Grand Champion several times before being sold to Sandy Landis of Chico, Ca. and has recently been sold.

Chaparral's Heartbeat (colt) sold after being Divison Champion in English plus winnning in dressage and over fences.

Chaparral's Sweetheart (filly) is Heartbeat's full sister was trained by Betty Jo Dotson. She is currently Dividon Champion in Western and will be started over fences as well this year. In 2006 , Sweetheart was sold to the Barnes Family for their two little girls are continuing to show her.

Chaparral's Hawkeye (colt) is 2007 WPSCA Southwest Region Champion Hunter 12.2 & Over. He also is Division Champion - Hunter A/B 17 and Under, Division Champion - Juvenile Hunter Pony, Division Champion Res. - Mini Stirrup & Division Champion Res. - Walk-Trot. Hawkeye is the full brother to Division Champions Chaparral's Heartbeat, Chaparral's Sweetheart and Res. Champion Chaparral's Bravada. Sold to Logan Jones of Bakersfield, Ca.

Chaparral's Bravada (filly) began her show career in halter by achieving Reserve Champion Section B Filly. She is now started under saddle. Full sister to Champions Chaparral's Heartbeat, Chaparral's Sweetheart and Chaparral's Hawkeye.

Chaparral's Te' Amo (gelding) is owned by U.K. native Emma Dawson who currently resides in Santa Barbara, California. Trainer Emma has started him under saddle and hopes to show him this year. Sold to trainer Kristin Hardin for son Zacko. Sold to Grace Ballou.

Chaparral's Lady Hawk (filly) is now started under saddle.

Chaparral's Spitfire (colt) full brother to Chaparral's Te' Amo and Chaparral's Lady Hawk. Spitfire started under saddle in 2006. In 2007 he was sold to Lisa Adkins and her four year old daughter Ashleigh.

Chaparral's Q Te' Pie/renamed Chaparral's Queen Too Bee (filly) placed second in her first halter class and is now started under saddle.In 2007 Queen Too Bee was sold to the Taormina Family.

Chaparral's Seniorita Bonita (filly) died in a tragic accident as a foal. She was owned by Janina Owens who is also now deceased.

Kacey Silver Amoretto (gelding) and Kacey Silver Regent (gelding) sold by Carol Kitchen. Comments from Carol:
"Irene Mullins bought both of the boys: She is running her own therapy center: Able Riders, I think is the name in the Elk Grove area: She is using Regent (Sterling) as a lesson pony and he also "belongs" to her older daughter. Amoretto is Irene's personal pony: she, I expect will take him in harness. She is a certified instructor through NARHA for disabled riders / national organization and was an instructor for Project Ride and Saddle Pals prior to opening her own: Wonderful woman and super instructor and trainer: the boys could not be in better hands. Sterling is going on trail rides, used as lesson pony and the boys I expect will always be together. Laddy (Amoretto) is started under saddle and I believe has had a rider on his back: not for sure: She and their whole family love these two guys to pieces!! Take care, Sorry for your loss: Carol Kitchen."

Pinedale Querida Mia (mare) is owned by Don and Carol Hirons of Paso Robles, California and has not yet been shown.

Chaparral's Rain Dance (filly) is owned by Gail Peto and daughter of Sebastopol, California.

Te' Quiero's crossbred progeny are:

Te' Quiero Ash (filly) sold to Joe McCollum of Santa Ynez, California. Ash is under saddle and in harness and owned by Ron & Roxanne Hood of Hollister, California.

Six Bar M Roxie (filly) sold to Cindy McClelland of Santa Ynez, California. Roxie is showing in gymkhanas and is presently owned by Robbie Bacon in California.

Chaparral's Dust Bunny (filly) sold to trainer Mora Gill at High Sky Ranch in Buellton, California and is presently owned by Dr. Seamount of Solvang, California.

Gin Blossom (filly) owned by Pamela Keys of Draper, Utah.

Strawberry (filly) owned by Eloise Otis of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Buckwheat (gelding) owned by Margo Lamoreaur in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Chaparral's Viva (mare) owned by Tom & Diane Isaacson (Chaparral) and now started under saddle.

Returning to Queen Bee's foals, In 1994 a Grand Champion palomino stallion named Laurel Oaks Sunny Mountain and owned by Don and Carol Hirons of Paso Robles, California caught our eye. Queenie's delivery of Chaparral's Don Quixote occurred on a very windy night thus inspiring a name befitting his apparent interest in tilting at windmills rather than nursing on his mother. Don Quixote was sold to Janina Owens who bred one colt from him out of a Thorobred mare named Honey Do List. The foal, now a riding pony named Scooby Doo, was owned by Patti Bitzer and has recently sold to be an "A" circuit pony hunter in California. Unfortunately, Janina passed away before transferring Don Quixote's papers to his new owner and we are attempting to locate him. Latest word is that he's owned by a riding stable in Malibu, California and working as a children's hunter/jumper.

Chaparral's Queen Anne's Lace was retained by Chaparral. Lacey was Grand Champion 3 times in 1998 and 1999, then started under saddle. Lacey's five foals are National Champion Te' Amo (grey gelding foaled in 2001), National Champion Lady Hawk (grey mare foaled in 2002), Spitfire (grey stallion foaled in 2003). Annie O. (palomino filly foaled in 2005 by AQH Kid Critter), Lacey was shown lightly in 2006 and in 2007 foaled a filly, Chaparral's Diamonds And Lace by Grand Champion Chaparral's Priceless. Diamonds is now owned by Kristin Hardin. After showing under saddle, Diamonds is now in foal to Nico for a 2014 foal. Lacey is by *Ceulan Lwcus imported/owned by Carol & David Maurer. *Ceulan Lwcus was shown in hand and under saddle (never out of Grand Champion and frequently Supreme Champion, also a Division Champion when just under saddle 4 months). Since his progeny have reached the age of performance training, he has been #1 Section A Sire 3 of the past 4 years and #2 the 4th. His progeny points put Lwcus #1 A Sire and #3 Sire (all sections) for 2007, and he stands #12 for overall Lifetime points acrued to date, for all sections. He had several offspring who attained the 300 point mark in 2008 for his 5th and last leg for his Sire LOM. Lacey was sold to Julianna Hancock.

*Downland Rembrandt was imported by Suzanne Glenn (now Moody) and possesses credentials that speak volumes. Before retirement from public stud we were fortunate enough to breed Queen Bee to him. It's our contention that Grand Champion Chaparral's Priceless is the best colt he has produced (of course, we're a bit biased here as he's still with us though now gelded) Priceless has been National Champion for us and for his leasees Logan Jones, Tyler Hardin and now Zacko Hardin.

After giving birth to Priceless our vet felt Queen Bee would have no more foals due to her melanomas so she was allowed to spend her days running with the herd and the foals she loved so much. A true mother, the youngsters were her life and she obviously loved them whether hers or not.

In January of 2003 Queenie appeared different. She was a bit brighter and considerably more active. Her limp had lessened and her tumors had stopped growing previously a sure sign of pregnancy (note: we always noticed less cancer spread when Queen Bee was pregnant and are curious as to hormonal changes that may have kept the tumors at bay). Until he checked her, our vet assured us that there was no way she was over 20 years old and not in great health and thus just couldn't be pregnant. However, to the vet's chagrin Queen Bee proved that the spirit inside is far more potent than science and technology. She just had to have one last foal to care for. On May Day 2003, Q Te' Pie/renamed Chaparral's Queen To Bee first drew breath and will serve with Lacey to carry on Queenie's legacy for Chaparral after earning her championships in halter and under saddle.

Inevitably the long-dreaded decision to put Queen Bee down had to be made. Her cancer was re-activating and arthritis was making it difficult for her to get around to food and water. She tried vainly to keep up with herd but was falling further behind on a daily basis. Touchingly, Q Te' Pie/Queen Too Bee would stay by her mother's side on her slow ambles to food thus maintaining their bond to the end. This was truly fitting for a mare who obviously loved all foals and was very heartwarming to watch. The youngster was allowed to be with her dam until the end and we're certain it was Queenie wanted.

Leading Queen Bee from the pasture up the lane to the waiting trailer was crushing. She never called out to her foal or the herd and loaded without fuss. As the vet injected her, she let out one final whinny to which the whole herd responded as she closed her eyes for the last time. It was as though they knew what was taking place. That final whinny will ring in my ears for the rest of my life. Tears still come each time I think about it but are quickly replaced by a smile when I look at her pasture or see her foals (two mares, two stallions and her grand foals that are still with us). She did what she loved most right to the end and left us with some of the best reminders of what a gorgeous and special mare she was.

Her legacy is for the entire Welsh Breed. She was a fine example of the intelligence, athleticism and spirit exemplified by our wonderful ponies. We're proud to have enjoyed her life with her and are sure her progeny is bringing great joy to all those connected with them. A great photograph of her with her sire Chaparral's Centurion and her first foal Chaparral's Crystal can be seen in the 1995 edition of the WPCS calendar.

As stated earlier Queen Bee's Foals, Grand Foals, Great Grand Foals and now Great, Great Grand foals total to 66 and breakdown as follows:

Foals = 7 - 4 A's and 3 B's.

Grand Foals = 36 - 16 A's, 18 B's, 1 C, and 1 H.

Great Grand Foals = 19 - 18 A's and 1 C.

Great, Great Grand Foals = 4 - 4 A's.

And more to follow in her hoof prints soon.

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